Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Week 2 WR Rankings/Projections

1) Randy Moss (@ NYJ)
*As long as Brady stays healthy, Moss should be a lock for 100 yds, 1-2 tds almost every week..

2) Reggie Wayne (@ MIA)
*Good matchup for Wayne.. Add Manning wanting to get things rolling and that spells big #'s...

3) Greg Jennings (vs. CIN)
*Playmaker w/ an emerging superstar at quarterback... Start Jennings w/ extreme confidence..

4) Larry Fitzgerald (@ JAX)
*Fitz will be held back if Warner cannot get into a groove and JAX should prevent that another week.

5) Terrell Owens (vs. TB)
*TO should hold onto a few passes this week and get back into form.. Hopefully...

6) Wes Welker (@ NYJ)
*Huge upside from short passing game from NE.. Lots of catches, yards, and possible tds..

7) Calvin Johnson (vs. MIN)
*Tough matchup, but he's a big target and should end the day w/ decent stats...

8) Santonio Holmes (@ CHI)
*Chicago should be able to shut down Pittsburg's questionable running game.. Pass happy again..

9) Desean Jackson (vs. NO)
*Speed and big play ability should prove to be a recipe for a big day for Jackson in Week 2..

10) Vincent Jackson (vs. BAL)
*Jackson cracks the top 10 b/c of possible injury to LT and Baltimore's defensive play last week..

11) Steve Smith (@ ATL)
*This is being very generous... Possible meltdown in Carolina looming spells trouble...

12) Anquan Boldin (@ JAX)
*If Arizona gets their passing game going against Jacksonville, there won't be much to go around..

13) Dwayne Bow (vs. OAK)
*Pretty decent matchup for Bowe.. QB issues in KC are somewhat of a cause for concern though.

14) Andre Johnson (@ TEN)
*Brutal matchup for a team/player trying to rebound from a tough Week 1 performance..

15) Roddy White (vs. CAR)
*Atlanta will be able to move the ball somewhat, questions is, who will get the yardage??

16) Marques Colston (@ PHI)
*Bad feeling Philly will shutdown Colston, causing other WR's to get the looks and touches...

17) Roy Williams (vs. NYG)
*Week 1 could of been a sign of things to come, or Williams may pull his disapeering act again..

18) Jericho Cotchery (vs. NE)
*Great performance in Week 1.. Size will always be a concern plus a rookie quarterback in there.

19) Braylon Edwards (@ DEN)
*Questionable play here.. Tough Denver corners, but there's always a chance he get his share..

20) Torry Holt (vs. ARI)
*Only reliable option in Jacksonville as far as Wide Receivers.. Someone has to catch the passes..

21) Derrick Mason (@ SD)
*Todd Heap's performance in Week 1 could be somewhat scary for Derrick Mason owners..

22) Hines Ward (@ CHI)
*Ward can put up numbers against anybody.. Possible Top 10 production this week.. Start him..

23) Donald Driver (vs. CIN)
*On any given sunday, Driver can put up big numbers like Jennings.. Just never know..

24) T.J. Houshmandzadeh (@ SF)
*Would figure to gel w/ Hasselbeck as the season goes along.. Very reliable target...

25) Bernard Berrian (@ DET)
*Start Berrian and hope that Rice and Harvin don't hog the stat sheet...

26) Santana Moss (vs. STL)
*A lot of options for Jason Campbell in Washington.. Santana Moss is the most dangerous...

27) Percy Harvin (@ DET)
*Very dynamic player that could break out anytime during this season.. Look out..

28) Mario Manningham (@ DAL)
*Made some plays in Week 1, could be looked to as Eli Manning's goto receiver...

29) Chad Ochocinco (@ GB)
*This was supposed to be Cincinnati's year to emerge back in the pack... Maybe this week..

30) Devin Hester (vs. PIT)
*Always the potential for big plays.. Matchup says no, but there's always that chance..

31) Kevin Walter (@ TEN)
*Viable option in deeper leagues.. Don't expect consistent production on a week-2-week basis..

32) Lee Evans (vs. TB)
*Didn't show up much on Monday Night, but no huddle offense should suit him well...

33) Antonio Bryant (@ BUF)
*Conservative offense doesn't bode well for Bryant or any TB receiver.. Cross your fingers..

34) Brandon Marhsall (vs. CLE)
*Until problems w/ organization are 100% resolved, this is one i'd rather not mess with...

35) Mushin Muhammad (@ ATL)
*Old reliable... If Carolina moves the ball in Week 2, Mush should get a few balls thrown his way.

36) Justin Gage (vs. HOU)
*Great Week 1 performance.. Back to reality.. Expect something around 40 yards, 0 tds...

37) Chris Henry (@ GB)
*Has really come a long ways as a player... Problem is, Cincinnati has to move the ball first...

38) Devery Henderson (@ PHI)
*Explosive player after the catch... Possible 100, 1 td day in the making.. Not a guarantee though..

39) Josh Morgan (vs. SEA)
*Talented young player that could have an opportunity in this game to put up big numbers...

40) Nate Burleson (@ SF)
*Toss-up between Burleson and Branch.. Burleson gets the nod only because he's 100%..

41) Deion Branch (@ SF)
*Possible lingering injury could effect his production.. Then again, maybe it won't...

42) Issac Bruce (vs. SEA)
*Not enough yards to go around in San Fransisco... Will make some catches though...

43) Joshua Cribbs (@ DEN)
*Sick athlete that is being working into the offense more... Pick him up if he's available...

44) Donnie Avery (@ WAS)
*Supposed to be his breakout year... We'll have to wait and see if that happens in St. Louis...

45) Robert Meachem (@ PHI)
*Philly's D could shut down the Saints enough that one of their receivers puts up nothing...

46) Eddie Royal (vs. CLE)
*Disappointing performance in week 1 considering what was expected of him.. Step up time..

47) Chansi Stuckey (vs. NE)
*In Deeper Leagues, he could be a viable option this week.. Smaller leagues, questionable...

48) Tedd Ginn Jr. (vs. IND)
*Forced to return kicks and punts... Not neccesarily a bad thing if you get pts for Ret. Tds..

49) Lance Moore (@ PHI)
*Four Saint WR's in the top 50??? Unbelievable... Add Shockey in the mix as well...

50) Kenny Britt (vs. HOU)
*Possible sleeper play this week.. If Gage disapeers, he could be on the end of 1-2 td passes..

*Please Note, Every Friday we will post some last minute suggestions in terms of WR's not listed in this top 50...

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  1. Very Surprised at how high DeSean Jackson is ranked. I have four WR's that I was debating on (Smith (Car), T.O., D. Jackson, and Royal). You are saying I should start Jackson & TO even through McNabe is probably not going to play?