Thursday, September 17, 2009

Week 2 TE Rankings/Projections

1) Dallas Clark (@ MIA)
*Start Clark w/ confidence this week.. Expect 75 yards and a touchdown..

2) Chris Cooley (vs. STL)
*A couple redzone touchdowns from Cooley looks to be in the making at home against St. Louis..

3) Antonio Gates (vs. BAL)
*Lack of running game may cause Rivers to throw it a lot.. Gates is a must play..

4) Jason Witten (vs. NYG)
*A safe play most weeks, just so happened Dallas didn't spend much time in the redzone last wk.

5) Tony Gonzalez (vs. CAR)
*TGonz showed he still can play with the best of them in Week 1.. Expect steady production..

6) John Carlson (@ SF)
*Carlson could wind up being in the top 3 in terms of fantasy production from the TE position..

7) Benjamin Watson (@ NYJ)
*Don't expect Week 1 production to be the norm, but Watson is always a viable option if healthy.

8) Zach Miller (@ KC)
*Great matchup for Oakland in Week 2.. Miller is almost a must start this week.. What?

9) Heath Miller (@ CHI)
*Lack of running game should provide Miller some opportunities to get into the endzone..

10) Vishante Schianco (@ DET)
*It will be determined that anyone playing Detroit or St.Louis is a lock to score points...

11) Dustin Keller (vs. NE)
*Not the greatest matchup for Keller and rookie QB Sanchez, but he could sneak one in..

12) Donald Lee (vs. CIN)
*Big target over the middle for Rodgers.. Question is, can Cincinnati stop the long ball first??

13) Todd Heap (@ SD)
*For now, he's gonna have to stay consistent week to week to move up any higher than this..

14) Jeremy Shockey (@ PHI)
*Not the greatest matchup in the world, but the best QB in the NFL should help him out..

15) Brent Celek (vs. NO)
*Stock rises w/ question marks to McNabb.. Safety blanket for either Kolb or Garcia..

16) Kevin Boss (vs. DAL)
*Lack of passing game from the G-Men make Boss a mediocre teight end unfortunantly...

17) Greg Olsen (vs. PIT)
*Cutler/Olsen chemistry is going to have to improve before he's a safe play each week..

18) Owen Daniels (@ TEN)
*Always capable of having a huge day.. Problem is, he can have 2 no-show weeks inbetween..

19) Marcedes Lewis (vs. ARI)
*Not sure what to expect from the Jags offense this year.. Or who the ball will be thrown to...

20) Vernon Davis (vs. SEA)
*Freak athlete trying to step up to the next level.. Capable of Top 5 production...

21) Kellen Winslow (@ BUF)
*Conservative offense in Tampa Bay hurts his production, much like Boss in New York..

22) Shaun Ryan (vs. OAK)
*Could end up producing Top 5 TE numbers this week.. Great matchup at home for Ryan..

23) Bo Scaife (vs. HOU)
*If Collins can get the passing game going against Houston this week, Scaife could get some...

24) Anthony Fasano (vs. IND)
*Look for somewhere in the 30-40 yards receiving range in Week 2.. Touchdown is iffy..

25) Tony Scheffler (vs. CLE)
*QB change hurt Scheffler... Remains to be seen if his production will be worthy of a start..

26) Robert Royal (@ DEN)
*Great numbers in Week 1.. Inconsistent quarterback play could result in roller coaster season..

27) Brandon Pettigrew (@ MIN)
*If Detroit has trouble pounding it inside the redzone, Pettigrew could be a good option..

28) Randy McMichael (@ WAS)
*Quite a stretch here considering the state of the Rams offense... Don't expect much here..

29) Derek Schouman (vs. TB)
*If you have no other choice than one of Buffalo's Teight Ends, we suggest Schouman first..

30) Shawn Nelson (vs. TB)
*You probably deserve 0 points if this is the only TE you have on your roster...

Anything past that, and it's really a toss-up.. If you have to go deeper than that to find a TE to start this week, lets just say you have problems at that position.. Look @ Matchups, Banged up Starting TE's, flip a coin... If you get more than 3-4 points from someone, consider it a victory..

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