Sunday, March 10, 2013


Stay tuned for 2013 Fantasy Football news and projections throughout the off season.  After a four year hiatus from blogspot, we will be continuing what we started here with BlogginFF! Feel free to stop by anytime, the posts should start to increase going forward!

Much like 2009, we will start posting weekly matchup predictions, sit/starts, sleepers, etc for each week of the season.  While we can start to look at fantasy football now, once the draft is completed in late April, it will give us a better picture of where some of the rookies are going to fit in as far as fantasy football is concerned. Sure, most of your high end players will not be effected by the NFL draft, but there are the mid level players that could see a huge fall or jump in their value.

Just for fun, here's a look at our Top 5 fantasy football draft board. NON-PPR, 4 pts for passing TDs.

1)  Adrian Peterson - Based on last years performance and the fact that he was able to stay healthy the entire year, the thought of him having another offseason to workout. This is hands down the best overall player in terms of fantasy football!

2)  Arian Foster - This guy just finds a way to put up numbers in fantasy football. Whether it be yards rushing or receiving or even touchdowns, Foster finds a way to warrant being a top 3 selection in most fantasy football drafts.  There's a slight injury risk with him, much like Peterson, but it's hard no to select them 1 & 2.

3)  Ray Rice  -  Baltimore is rebuilding their defense (to a certain extent), but their offense is young and primed to become one of the better ones in the league.  Not saying they are going to score 500+ points next year, but there should be plenty of yards for Rice to gobble up.  He's a threat to score a touchdown anytime he touches the ball.  Durable for his size and a very great receiver out of the backfield.

4)  Jamal Charles - You might be thinking this ranking is crazy, right? Well look at the facts.  Had it not been for Peterson returning from an ACL injury and almost breaking the rushing record, Charles may have very well won the comeback player of the year (w/ Manning winning the MVP in that scenario). 1,500 yards rushing, 5 tds, 230 receiving yards, 1 td.  That's a pretty nice year considering the Chiefs went 2-14 with a very defensive minded head coach.  Think of the possibilities with Andy Reid the new coach of the team and Alex Smith taking over at quarterback.  Charles could put up even better numbers than last year. 

5)  Drew Brees -  With everything surrounding the "bounty gate" in the past going into this season, look for the Saints to rebound in a big way.  There offense is revolved around Drew Brees and his ability to spread the ball around the field and make precise, accurate throws.  With most of his receiving core intact and more weapons to be added in the future, this could very well be another historic season for Brees.  He's far from "past his prime".  We like him leading the league in terms of fantasy football scoring at the QB position, and he may very well fight his way into the top 5 or 7 overall at seasons end.

Have fun with that.  It's hard not to include some names like Doug Martin, Calvin Johnson and Marshawn Lynch.  But there's two teams that look to make a huge rebound next season (Chiefs/Saints), and they have a lot of weapons on the offensive side of the ball as well as a very offensive minded head coach. This bodes well for fantasy football.  Especially when your talking about both teams most effective person with the ball in their hands (Charles/Brees).

Friday, September 18, 2009

Matchup Breakdowns Part 1

More to follow as we continue to determine our staff.. We will have all Matchup Breakdowns up by Noon 2mor! We'd rather give out good information and take some extra time than force out something that isn't very useful.. Enjoy!!

Carolina @ Atlanta

Before the season began, this would have been a toss-up, but after their week 1 performance against Philadelphia we have to question Caronlina's chances of winning this football game.. Atlanta looked good in their Week 1 victory over the Dolphins and luckily get to open the season w/ two home games.. Their home crowd should give them an early advantage as long as they can avoid mistakes.. Carolina is very capable of winning this game if Atlanta gives them a few breaks early in the game.. That being said, a combination of Carolina's quarterback status and the potential for Atlanta becomming an NFC contendor have us picking Atlanta in this one.. Don't look for it to be a high scoring affair though and yards may be hard to come by if both defenses play well.. Carolina has one Must Start in this matchup and it's DeAngelo Williams.. Although Carolina's passing game needs some attention, we think Williams has the potential to break out in this matchup.. Matt Ryan, Michael Turner, and Roddy White are Must Starts for Atlanta.. Everyone else is questionable at best..

Projection: Carolina 17, Atlanta 24

Must Starts: DeAngelo Williams, Matt Ryan, Michael Turner, Roddy White
Questionable Starts: Steve Smith, Johnathan Stewart, John Kasay, Michael Jenkins, Tony Gonzalez, Jason Elam, Atlanta's DEF/ST
Must Sits: Jake Delhomme, Mushin Muhammad, Dante Rasario, Carolina's DEF/ST, Jerious Norwood

Sleeper Projection: Michael Jenkins (5 catches, 90 yards, 1 td)

Minnesota @ Detroit

It appears as though Matthew Stafford will have a rough go of things in week 2 against Minnesota's defense.. As of right now, Calvin Johnson is really the only Must Start for Detroit and in this matchup you'd almost have to consider him an iffy start as well.. This game is setup for Adrian Peterson to have a monster day, possibly breaking a record in the process.. We should see Brett Favre get a bit more comfortable in the pocket, but we don't see him having a huge day.. Passing yards could be at a bare minimum in this matchup.. Unless you're in a deep league, we'd recommend you find a starting quarterback for week 2 in a different game.. We like one Minnesota receiver to have a good day, but it's not Bernard Berrian or Sydney Rice.. Percy Harvin is our sleeper projection in this matchup.. His big play ability and Adrian Peterson's production should equal a lopsided victory for the Vikings..

Projection: Minnesota 31, Detroit 9

Must Start: Adrian Peterson, Percy Harvin, Minnesota's DEF/ST, Calvin Johnson
Questionable Start: Bernard Berrian, Brett Favre, Ryan Longwell, Kevin Smith, Jason Hanson
Must Sit: Sydney Rice, Vishante Shianco, Matthew Stafford, Detroit DEF/ST

Sleeper Projection: Percy Harvin (2 rushes, 30 yards, 1 td, 3 receptions, 80 yards, 1 td)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Anthony Gonzalez out 2-8 weeks

Colts Wide Receiver Anthony Gonzalez will be out 2-8 weeks, but his injury will not require surgery... Pierre Garcon and Austin Collie will be the #2 and #3 receivers for Indianapolis, unless the Colts sign free agent WR Hank Baskett.. Neither Garcon nor Collie should be considered viable fantasy options at this point.. Even if Indy happens to sign Baskett before their Week 2 matchup, don't expect much production from him until he gets comfortable w/ the offense.. This actually raises Dallas Clark's stock a considerable ammount..

Matchup Breakdowns for Week 2

Expect them sometime 2mor... We hope everyone enjoys the site and information we're providing.. We've put in a lot of time and effort and hope that it will be a useful tool for fantasy football managers throughout the season...

Questionable Week 2 Play

Darren Sproles (RB-SD) vs. BAL

*Even w/ the injury to Tomlinson, don't expect a huge day from the speedster Sproles.. Baltimore did allow Kansas City to move the ball on Sunday, but not much of it game from the ground game.. Sproles is a quick, elusive back, but Baltimore's D should be able to shut down San Diego's run game, especially if Tomlinson is out or not effective.. Phillip Rivers should air it out in this contest, and while Sproles is an excellent option out of the backfield, we feel there are too many options for Rivers..

Week 2 RB Gems

Two matchups this week give us our Four RB Gems for Week 2.. Tampa Bay @ Buffalo and Oakland @ Kansas City.. While three of the running backs were impressive in week 1, we expect the 4th to produce big numbers at home this week.. For owners with any of these four Running Backs, we highly recommend that you start them this week..

Fred Jackson (RB-BUF) vs. Tampa Bay
*We like Jackson this week against a suspect, young Tampa Bay defense.. We ranked him #11 for the Week 2 RB Rankings.. Although Jackson's fantasy production will be in question once Marshawn Lynch returns from his suspension, until then, he is a must play almost every week.. Lack of depth at the running back position will result in a heavy work load for Jackson in Week 2.. Not to mention his ability to catch balls out of the backfield..

Projected Stats: 20 carries, 110 yards, 1 td, 4 receptions, 50 yards

Cadillac Williams (RB-TB) @ Buffalo
*Even though Tampa Bay has a crowded backfield, we like what we saw from the Cadillac last week.. He may not be able to make it through the entire season, carrying the load each week, but we like his chances of breaking out again this week.. As long as the game is close and Buffalo doesn't run off with it, Tampa Bay should stick to a heavy ammount of runnning the football.. He won't be much of a threat out of the backfield catching passes, but he's liable to get 15-20 carries this week..

Projected Stats: 15 carries, 65 yards, 1 td

Darren McFadden (RB-OAK) @ Kansas City
*McFadden's only 100 yard rushing game came against Kansas City and we like his chances to do that once again in Week 2... A suspect Chiefs defense should have McFadden owners licking their chops.. Michael Bush will again steal some of the carries away from McFadden, but we like
his chances of busting a couple big runs in this one.. Another great option out of the backfield, expect McFadden to get involved in Oakland's short passing game...

Projected Stats: 15 carries, 105 yards, 1 td, 5 receptions, 40 yards

Larry Johnson (RB-KC) vs. Oakland
*Good possibility of this game procuding two 100 yard backs.. A questionable Chiefs offense line is cause for concern, although, this game is at Arrowhead where the Chiefs should maintain somewhat of a home-field advantage.. If Matt Cassell is out for this one, LJ's stock rises quite a bit w/ Brodie Croyle back under center again.. Either way, Larry should get the ball early and often as Head Coach/Offensive Coordinator Todd Haley continues to try and figure out a true
direction for the team..

Projected Stats: 25 carries, 100 yards, 1 td, 2 receptions, 15 yards

Week 2 TE Rankings/Projections

1) Dallas Clark (@ MIA)
*Start Clark w/ confidence this week.. Expect 75 yards and a touchdown..

2) Chris Cooley (vs. STL)
*A couple redzone touchdowns from Cooley looks to be in the making at home against St. Louis..

3) Antonio Gates (vs. BAL)
*Lack of running game may cause Rivers to throw it a lot.. Gates is a must play..

4) Jason Witten (vs. NYG)
*A safe play most weeks, just so happened Dallas didn't spend much time in the redzone last wk.

5) Tony Gonzalez (vs. CAR)
*TGonz showed he still can play with the best of them in Week 1.. Expect steady production..

6) John Carlson (@ SF)
*Carlson could wind up being in the top 3 in terms of fantasy production from the TE position..

7) Benjamin Watson (@ NYJ)
*Don't expect Week 1 production to be the norm, but Watson is always a viable option if healthy.

8) Zach Miller (@ KC)
*Great matchup for Oakland in Week 2.. Miller is almost a must start this week.. What?

9) Heath Miller (@ CHI)
*Lack of running game should provide Miller some opportunities to get into the endzone..

10) Vishante Schianco (@ DET)
*It will be determined that anyone playing Detroit or St.Louis is a lock to score points...

11) Dustin Keller (vs. NE)
*Not the greatest matchup for Keller and rookie QB Sanchez, but he could sneak one in..

12) Donald Lee (vs. CIN)
*Big target over the middle for Rodgers.. Question is, can Cincinnati stop the long ball first??

13) Todd Heap (@ SD)
*For now, he's gonna have to stay consistent week to week to move up any higher than this..

14) Jeremy Shockey (@ PHI)
*Not the greatest matchup in the world, but the best QB in the NFL should help him out..

15) Brent Celek (vs. NO)
*Stock rises w/ question marks to McNabb.. Safety blanket for either Kolb or Garcia..

16) Kevin Boss (vs. DAL)
*Lack of passing game from the G-Men make Boss a mediocre teight end unfortunantly...

17) Greg Olsen (vs. PIT)
*Cutler/Olsen chemistry is going to have to improve before he's a safe play each week..

18) Owen Daniels (@ TEN)
*Always capable of having a huge day.. Problem is, he can have 2 no-show weeks inbetween..

19) Marcedes Lewis (vs. ARI)
*Not sure what to expect from the Jags offense this year.. Or who the ball will be thrown to...

20) Vernon Davis (vs. SEA)
*Freak athlete trying to step up to the next level.. Capable of Top 5 production...

21) Kellen Winslow (@ BUF)
*Conservative offense in Tampa Bay hurts his production, much like Boss in New York..

22) Shaun Ryan (vs. OAK)
*Could end up producing Top 5 TE numbers this week.. Great matchup at home for Ryan..

23) Bo Scaife (vs. HOU)
*If Collins can get the passing game going against Houston this week, Scaife could get some...

24) Anthony Fasano (vs. IND)
*Look for somewhere in the 30-40 yards receiving range in Week 2.. Touchdown is iffy..

25) Tony Scheffler (vs. CLE)
*QB change hurt Scheffler... Remains to be seen if his production will be worthy of a start..

26) Robert Royal (@ DEN)
*Great numbers in Week 1.. Inconsistent quarterback play could result in roller coaster season..

27) Brandon Pettigrew (@ MIN)
*If Detroit has trouble pounding it inside the redzone, Pettigrew could be a good option..

28) Randy McMichael (@ WAS)
*Quite a stretch here considering the state of the Rams offense... Don't expect much here..

29) Derek Schouman (vs. TB)
*If you have no other choice than one of Buffalo's Teight Ends, we suggest Schouman first..

30) Shawn Nelson (vs. TB)
*You probably deserve 0 points if this is the only TE you have on your roster...

Anything past that, and it's really a toss-up.. If you have to go deeper than that to find a TE to start this week, lets just say you have problems at that position.. Look @ Matchups, Banged up Starting TE's, flip a coin... If you get more than 3-4 points from someone, consider it a victory..