Friday, September 18, 2009

Matchup Breakdowns Part 1

More to follow as we continue to determine our staff.. We will have all Matchup Breakdowns up by Noon 2mor! We'd rather give out good information and take some extra time than force out something that isn't very useful.. Enjoy!!

Carolina @ Atlanta

Before the season began, this would have been a toss-up, but after their week 1 performance against Philadelphia we have to question Caronlina's chances of winning this football game.. Atlanta looked good in their Week 1 victory over the Dolphins and luckily get to open the season w/ two home games.. Their home crowd should give them an early advantage as long as they can avoid mistakes.. Carolina is very capable of winning this game if Atlanta gives them a few breaks early in the game.. That being said, a combination of Carolina's quarterback status and the potential for Atlanta becomming an NFC contendor have us picking Atlanta in this one.. Don't look for it to be a high scoring affair though and yards may be hard to come by if both defenses play well.. Carolina has one Must Start in this matchup and it's DeAngelo Williams.. Although Carolina's passing game needs some attention, we think Williams has the potential to break out in this matchup.. Matt Ryan, Michael Turner, and Roddy White are Must Starts for Atlanta.. Everyone else is questionable at best..

Projection: Carolina 17, Atlanta 24

Must Starts: DeAngelo Williams, Matt Ryan, Michael Turner, Roddy White
Questionable Starts: Steve Smith, Johnathan Stewart, John Kasay, Michael Jenkins, Tony Gonzalez, Jason Elam, Atlanta's DEF/ST
Must Sits: Jake Delhomme, Mushin Muhammad, Dante Rasario, Carolina's DEF/ST, Jerious Norwood

Sleeper Projection: Michael Jenkins (5 catches, 90 yards, 1 td)

Minnesota @ Detroit

It appears as though Matthew Stafford will have a rough go of things in week 2 against Minnesota's defense.. As of right now, Calvin Johnson is really the only Must Start for Detroit and in this matchup you'd almost have to consider him an iffy start as well.. This game is setup for Adrian Peterson to have a monster day, possibly breaking a record in the process.. We should see Brett Favre get a bit more comfortable in the pocket, but we don't see him having a huge day.. Passing yards could be at a bare minimum in this matchup.. Unless you're in a deep league, we'd recommend you find a starting quarterback for week 2 in a different game.. We like one Minnesota receiver to have a good day, but it's not Bernard Berrian or Sydney Rice.. Percy Harvin is our sleeper projection in this matchup.. His big play ability and Adrian Peterson's production should equal a lopsided victory for the Vikings..

Projection: Minnesota 31, Detroit 9

Must Start: Adrian Peterson, Percy Harvin, Minnesota's DEF/ST, Calvin Johnson
Questionable Start: Bernard Berrian, Brett Favre, Ryan Longwell, Kevin Smith, Jason Hanson
Must Sit: Sydney Rice, Vishante Shianco, Matthew Stafford, Detroit DEF/ST

Sleeper Projection: Percy Harvin (2 rushes, 30 yards, 1 td, 3 receptions, 80 yards, 1 td)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Anthony Gonzalez out 2-8 weeks

Colts Wide Receiver Anthony Gonzalez will be out 2-8 weeks, but his injury will not require surgery... Pierre Garcon and Austin Collie will be the #2 and #3 receivers for Indianapolis, unless the Colts sign free agent WR Hank Baskett.. Neither Garcon nor Collie should be considered viable fantasy options at this point.. Even if Indy happens to sign Baskett before their Week 2 matchup, don't expect much production from him until he gets comfortable w/ the offense.. This actually raises Dallas Clark's stock a considerable ammount..

Matchup Breakdowns for Week 2

Expect them sometime 2mor... We hope everyone enjoys the site and information we're providing.. We've put in a lot of time and effort and hope that it will be a useful tool for fantasy football managers throughout the season...

Questionable Week 2 Play

Darren Sproles (RB-SD) vs. BAL

*Even w/ the injury to Tomlinson, don't expect a huge day from the speedster Sproles.. Baltimore did allow Kansas City to move the ball on Sunday, but not much of it game from the ground game.. Sproles is a quick, elusive back, but Baltimore's D should be able to shut down San Diego's run game, especially if Tomlinson is out or not effective.. Phillip Rivers should air it out in this contest, and while Sproles is an excellent option out of the backfield, we feel there are too many options for Rivers..

Week 2 RB Gems

Two matchups this week give us our Four RB Gems for Week 2.. Tampa Bay @ Buffalo and Oakland @ Kansas City.. While three of the running backs were impressive in week 1, we expect the 4th to produce big numbers at home this week.. For owners with any of these four Running Backs, we highly recommend that you start them this week..

Fred Jackson (RB-BUF) vs. Tampa Bay
*We like Jackson this week against a suspect, young Tampa Bay defense.. We ranked him #11 for the Week 2 RB Rankings.. Although Jackson's fantasy production will be in question once Marshawn Lynch returns from his suspension, until then, he is a must play almost every week.. Lack of depth at the running back position will result in a heavy work load for Jackson in Week 2.. Not to mention his ability to catch balls out of the backfield..

Projected Stats: 20 carries, 110 yards, 1 td, 4 receptions, 50 yards

Cadillac Williams (RB-TB) @ Buffalo
*Even though Tampa Bay has a crowded backfield, we like what we saw from the Cadillac last week.. He may not be able to make it through the entire season, carrying the load each week, but we like his chances of breaking out again this week.. As long as the game is close and Buffalo doesn't run off with it, Tampa Bay should stick to a heavy ammount of runnning the football.. He won't be much of a threat out of the backfield catching passes, but he's liable to get 15-20 carries this week..

Projected Stats: 15 carries, 65 yards, 1 td

Darren McFadden (RB-OAK) @ Kansas City
*McFadden's only 100 yard rushing game came against Kansas City and we like his chances to do that once again in Week 2... A suspect Chiefs defense should have McFadden owners licking their chops.. Michael Bush will again steal some of the carries away from McFadden, but we like
his chances of busting a couple big runs in this one.. Another great option out of the backfield, expect McFadden to get involved in Oakland's short passing game...

Projected Stats: 15 carries, 105 yards, 1 td, 5 receptions, 40 yards

Larry Johnson (RB-KC) vs. Oakland
*Good possibility of this game procuding two 100 yard backs.. A questionable Chiefs offense line is cause for concern, although, this game is at Arrowhead where the Chiefs should maintain somewhat of a home-field advantage.. If Matt Cassell is out for this one, LJ's stock rises quite a bit w/ Brodie Croyle back under center again.. Either way, Larry should get the ball early and often as Head Coach/Offensive Coordinator Todd Haley continues to try and figure out a true
direction for the team..

Projected Stats: 25 carries, 100 yards, 1 td, 2 receptions, 15 yards

Week 2 TE Rankings/Projections

1) Dallas Clark (@ MIA)
*Start Clark w/ confidence this week.. Expect 75 yards and a touchdown..

2) Chris Cooley (vs. STL)
*A couple redzone touchdowns from Cooley looks to be in the making at home against St. Louis..

3) Antonio Gates (vs. BAL)
*Lack of running game may cause Rivers to throw it a lot.. Gates is a must play..

4) Jason Witten (vs. NYG)
*A safe play most weeks, just so happened Dallas didn't spend much time in the redzone last wk.

5) Tony Gonzalez (vs. CAR)
*TGonz showed he still can play with the best of them in Week 1.. Expect steady production..

6) John Carlson (@ SF)
*Carlson could wind up being in the top 3 in terms of fantasy production from the TE position..

7) Benjamin Watson (@ NYJ)
*Don't expect Week 1 production to be the norm, but Watson is always a viable option if healthy.

8) Zach Miller (@ KC)
*Great matchup for Oakland in Week 2.. Miller is almost a must start this week.. What?

9) Heath Miller (@ CHI)
*Lack of running game should provide Miller some opportunities to get into the endzone..

10) Vishante Schianco (@ DET)
*It will be determined that anyone playing Detroit or St.Louis is a lock to score points...

11) Dustin Keller (vs. NE)
*Not the greatest matchup for Keller and rookie QB Sanchez, but he could sneak one in..

12) Donald Lee (vs. CIN)
*Big target over the middle for Rodgers.. Question is, can Cincinnati stop the long ball first??

13) Todd Heap (@ SD)
*For now, he's gonna have to stay consistent week to week to move up any higher than this..

14) Jeremy Shockey (@ PHI)
*Not the greatest matchup in the world, but the best QB in the NFL should help him out..

15) Brent Celek (vs. NO)
*Stock rises w/ question marks to McNabb.. Safety blanket for either Kolb or Garcia..

16) Kevin Boss (vs. DAL)
*Lack of passing game from the G-Men make Boss a mediocre teight end unfortunantly...

17) Greg Olsen (vs. PIT)
*Cutler/Olsen chemistry is going to have to improve before he's a safe play each week..

18) Owen Daniels (@ TEN)
*Always capable of having a huge day.. Problem is, he can have 2 no-show weeks inbetween..

19) Marcedes Lewis (vs. ARI)
*Not sure what to expect from the Jags offense this year.. Or who the ball will be thrown to...

20) Vernon Davis (vs. SEA)
*Freak athlete trying to step up to the next level.. Capable of Top 5 production...

21) Kellen Winslow (@ BUF)
*Conservative offense in Tampa Bay hurts his production, much like Boss in New York..

22) Shaun Ryan (vs. OAK)
*Could end up producing Top 5 TE numbers this week.. Great matchup at home for Ryan..

23) Bo Scaife (vs. HOU)
*If Collins can get the passing game going against Houston this week, Scaife could get some...

24) Anthony Fasano (vs. IND)
*Look for somewhere in the 30-40 yards receiving range in Week 2.. Touchdown is iffy..

25) Tony Scheffler (vs. CLE)
*QB change hurt Scheffler... Remains to be seen if his production will be worthy of a start..

26) Robert Royal (@ DEN)
*Great numbers in Week 1.. Inconsistent quarterback play could result in roller coaster season..

27) Brandon Pettigrew (@ MIN)
*If Detroit has trouble pounding it inside the redzone, Pettigrew could be a good option..

28) Randy McMichael (@ WAS)
*Quite a stretch here considering the state of the Rams offense... Don't expect much here..

29) Derek Schouman (vs. TB)
*If you have no other choice than one of Buffalo's Teight Ends, we suggest Schouman first..

30) Shawn Nelson (vs. TB)
*You probably deserve 0 points if this is the only TE you have on your roster...

Anything past that, and it's really a toss-up.. If you have to go deeper than that to find a TE to start this week, lets just say you have problems at that position.. Look @ Matchups, Banged up Starting TE's, flip a coin... If you get more than 3-4 points from someone, consider it a victory..

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Beginners Fantasy Football FAQ

This is for anyone new to Fantasy Football... Check it out...

Injury Updates

Donovan McNabb (cracked ribs) isn't practicing... Ladanian Tomlinson (sprained ankle) is questionable.. Meanwhile, Matt Cassell (knee) may start week 2 against Oakland..

Monday Night Waiver Wire

Here's a list of the players who performed well on Monday Night that could be available in your league and maybe worth picking up... We'll try to get this out on Tuesday's each week..

1) Benjamin Watson (TE-NE)
*Watson had 77 yards receiving and 2 tds.. Hard to say if he will put up numbers similar to that
every week, but he's always been a reliable option for Tom Brady.. If you're weak at the TE
position or just feel like taking a gamble, snatch Watson up if he's available in your league..

2) Louis Murphy (WR-OAK)
*Murphy had 87 yards receiving and 1 td... Heyward-Bay is/was considered Oakland's #1 receiver, but another rookie may end up being more productive than him.. Louis Murphy..
Could be a one night wonder, but his week #2 matchup looks promising as well....

3) Fred Taylor (RB-NE)
*Taylor had 25 yards rushing and 1 td.. Appears as though he will take most the goaline and short yardage carries for the Pats.. This means touchdowns, but yardage will vary considerably from week to week.. In smaller leagues, Taylor is probably allready taken, but he may still be available in some smaller leagues.. If he's available and you've got the likes of Larry Johnson, Steven Jackson, Ladainian Tomlinson.. you might think about adding some depth to the position..

4) Michael Bush (RB-OAK)
*Bush had 55 yards rushing and 1 td.. McFadden is the "starter", but inconsistent play and/or injury could result in Bush getting a major load increase.. If that's the case, he's got the ability to gouge defenses over the course of a game.. Great handcuff option for McFadden owners.. Smaller leagues, that's probably the only reason you'd have Bush on your roster but in deeper leagues, Bush should be looked at as a bench/fill-in player..

5) Kevin Faulk (RB-NE)
*Not much on the ground, but Faulk managed 50 yards receiving, making some crucial plays on 3rd downs.. Problem is, fantasy football doesn't award players for making big catches/yards on 3rd down.. If, for some reason, the Pats end up having RB's go down to injury, Faulk could become a deadly weapon for teams in deeper leagues.. Right now, we'll say he still belongs on the waiver wire unless you're in a 20+ team league... In that case, pick him up if you need him...

Week 2 WR Rankings/Projections

1) Randy Moss (@ NYJ)
*As long as Brady stays healthy, Moss should be a lock for 100 yds, 1-2 tds almost every week..

2) Reggie Wayne (@ MIA)
*Good matchup for Wayne.. Add Manning wanting to get things rolling and that spells big #'s...

3) Greg Jennings (vs. CIN)
*Playmaker w/ an emerging superstar at quarterback... Start Jennings w/ extreme confidence..

4) Larry Fitzgerald (@ JAX)
*Fitz will be held back if Warner cannot get into a groove and JAX should prevent that another week.

5) Terrell Owens (vs. TB)
*TO should hold onto a few passes this week and get back into form.. Hopefully...

6) Wes Welker (@ NYJ)
*Huge upside from short passing game from NE.. Lots of catches, yards, and possible tds..

7) Calvin Johnson (vs. MIN)
*Tough matchup, but he's a big target and should end the day w/ decent stats...

8) Santonio Holmes (@ CHI)
*Chicago should be able to shut down Pittsburg's questionable running game.. Pass happy again..

9) Desean Jackson (vs. NO)
*Speed and big play ability should prove to be a recipe for a big day for Jackson in Week 2..

10) Vincent Jackson (vs. BAL)
*Jackson cracks the top 10 b/c of possible injury to LT and Baltimore's defensive play last week..

11) Steve Smith (@ ATL)
*This is being very generous... Possible meltdown in Carolina looming spells trouble...

12) Anquan Boldin (@ JAX)
*If Arizona gets their passing game going against Jacksonville, there won't be much to go around..

13) Dwayne Bow (vs. OAK)
*Pretty decent matchup for Bowe.. QB issues in KC are somewhat of a cause for concern though.

14) Andre Johnson (@ TEN)
*Brutal matchup for a team/player trying to rebound from a tough Week 1 performance..

15) Roddy White (vs. CAR)
*Atlanta will be able to move the ball somewhat, questions is, who will get the yardage??

16) Marques Colston (@ PHI)
*Bad feeling Philly will shutdown Colston, causing other WR's to get the looks and touches...

17) Roy Williams (vs. NYG)
*Week 1 could of been a sign of things to come, or Williams may pull his disapeering act again..

18) Jericho Cotchery (vs. NE)
*Great performance in Week 1.. Size will always be a concern plus a rookie quarterback in there.

19) Braylon Edwards (@ DEN)
*Questionable play here.. Tough Denver corners, but there's always a chance he get his share..

20) Torry Holt (vs. ARI)
*Only reliable option in Jacksonville as far as Wide Receivers.. Someone has to catch the passes..

21) Derrick Mason (@ SD)
*Todd Heap's performance in Week 1 could be somewhat scary for Derrick Mason owners..

22) Hines Ward (@ CHI)
*Ward can put up numbers against anybody.. Possible Top 10 production this week.. Start him..

23) Donald Driver (vs. CIN)
*On any given sunday, Driver can put up big numbers like Jennings.. Just never know..

24) T.J. Houshmandzadeh (@ SF)
*Would figure to gel w/ Hasselbeck as the season goes along.. Very reliable target...

25) Bernard Berrian (@ DET)
*Start Berrian and hope that Rice and Harvin don't hog the stat sheet...

26) Santana Moss (vs. STL)
*A lot of options for Jason Campbell in Washington.. Santana Moss is the most dangerous...

27) Percy Harvin (@ DET)
*Very dynamic player that could break out anytime during this season.. Look out..

28) Mario Manningham (@ DAL)
*Made some plays in Week 1, could be looked to as Eli Manning's goto receiver...

29) Chad Ochocinco (@ GB)
*This was supposed to be Cincinnati's year to emerge back in the pack... Maybe this week..

30) Devin Hester (vs. PIT)
*Always the potential for big plays.. Matchup says no, but there's always that chance..

31) Kevin Walter (@ TEN)
*Viable option in deeper leagues.. Don't expect consistent production on a week-2-week basis..

32) Lee Evans (vs. TB)
*Didn't show up much on Monday Night, but no huddle offense should suit him well...

33) Antonio Bryant (@ BUF)
*Conservative offense doesn't bode well for Bryant or any TB receiver.. Cross your fingers..

34) Brandon Marhsall (vs. CLE)
*Until problems w/ organization are 100% resolved, this is one i'd rather not mess with...

35) Mushin Muhammad (@ ATL)
*Old reliable... If Carolina moves the ball in Week 2, Mush should get a few balls thrown his way.

36) Justin Gage (vs. HOU)
*Great Week 1 performance.. Back to reality.. Expect something around 40 yards, 0 tds...

37) Chris Henry (@ GB)
*Has really come a long ways as a player... Problem is, Cincinnati has to move the ball first...

38) Devery Henderson (@ PHI)
*Explosive player after the catch... Possible 100, 1 td day in the making.. Not a guarantee though..

39) Josh Morgan (vs. SEA)
*Talented young player that could have an opportunity in this game to put up big numbers...

40) Nate Burleson (@ SF)
*Toss-up between Burleson and Branch.. Burleson gets the nod only because he's 100%..

41) Deion Branch (@ SF)
*Possible lingering injury could effect his production.. Then again, maybe it won't...

42) Issac Bruce (vs. SEA)
*Not enough yards to go around in San Fransisco... Will make some catches though...

43) Joshua Cribbs (@ DEN)
*Sick athlete that is being working into the offense more... Pick him up if he's available...

44) Donnie Avery (@ WAS)
*Supposed to be his breakout year... We'll have to wait and see if that happens in St. Louis...

45) Robert Meachem (@ PHI)
*Philly's D could shut down the Saints enough that one of their receivers puts up nothing...

46) Eddie Royal (vs. CLE)
*Disappointing performance in week 1 considering what was expected of him.. Step up time..

47) Chansi Stuckey (vs. NE)
*In Deeper Leagues, he could be a viable option this week.. Smaller leagues, questionable...

48) Tedd Ginn Jr. (vs. IND)
*Forced to return kicks and punts... Not neccesarily a bad thing if you get pts for Ret. Tds..

49) Lance Moore (@ PHI)
*Four Saint WR's in the top 50??? Unbelievable... Add Shockey in the mix as well...

50) Kenny Britt (vs. HOU)
*Possible sleeper play this week.. If Gage disapeers, he could be on the end of 1-2 td passes..

*Please Note, Every Friday we will post some last minute suggestions in terms of WR's not listed in this top 50...

Week 2 RB Rankings/Projections

1) A.Peterson (@ DET)
*Potential #1 fantasy stud for the week.. Obvious start, All Day should run all over the Lions..

2) Chris Johnson (vs. HOU)
*Expect Tennesse to get their ground gaming go early against Houston.. Good for CJ...

3) M.Jones-Drew (vs. ARI)
*Dynamic back that can produce even when he's not getting a lot of carries.. Suspect defense..

4) C.Portis (vs. STL)
*Portis had a nice game in Week 1... Question is can he keep it up.. Against STL, we think so..

5) D.Williams (@ ATL)
*Carolina should somewhat rebound from their week 1 performance, and DWill will carry them..

6) B.Westbrook (vs. NO)
*His numbers actually should go up with McNabb out.. Safety blanket for a backup QB..

7) F.Gore (vs. SEA)
*Lets hope that Gore shows up this week, or his fantasy status will begin to fall...

8) M.Turner (vs. CAR)
*Tough matchup for Turner, but Matt Ryan should be able to take off enough pressure..

9) B.Jacobs (@ DAL)
*Tough environment, but Dallas showed a lot of weaknesses in their defense last week...

10) R.Brown (vs. IND)
*Miami could fall behind early, but if so, Brown still will be utilized in the passing game..

11) F.Jackson (vs. TB)
*Dallas ran up and down the field against Tampa.. No Huddle in Buffalo should bode well for FJax..

12) T.Jones (vs. NE)
*Great first week of the season for Jones.. Tougher opponent this week, lower expectations..

13) D.McFadden (@ KC)
*Jumps up into top 15 w/ great performance and San Diego and upcoming matchup w/ KC..

14) R.Grant (vs. CIN)
*Passing game shold open up a few opportunities for Grant.. Be happy w/ 80 yds, 1 td..

15) M.Barber (vs. NYG)
*Expect a slugfest in this one.. Barber should get more touches than last week...

16) J.Addai (@ MIA)
*Still question marks as to who is going to get the carries for the Colts.. Go w/ Addai for now..

17) S.Jackson (@ WAS)
*As with Bulger, St. Louis is going to have to show they can actually move the ball...

18) L.Johnson (vs. OAK)
*If you have LJ, you almost have to play him... He's known to torch OAK @ Arrowhead...

19) M.Forte (vs. PIT)
*Forte will have a hard time getting things going against Pittsburg.. Limit expectations here..

20) J.Lewis (@ DEN)
*Who knows what these two teams will bring to the table in Week #2... We shall see..

21) S.Slaton (@ TEN)
*Very tough matchup on the road... Look to your bench this week if you can...

22) C.Williams (@ BUF)
*Great Week 1 performance from the Cadillac, but his durability has to be a huge concern..

23) D.Sproles (vs. BAL)
*Expect Sproles to get a majority of carries if LT still has ankle issues.. but it's against BAL???

24) L.Tomlinson (vs. BAL)
*If LT plays, it will probably be split carries with Sproles.. Stay away from these two backs..

25) K.Smith (vs. MIN)
*Very stout run defense and Smith has a rookie at quarterback.. Recipe for disaster..

26) L.White (vs. HOU)
*Possible TD machine, but Tennesse has to put the points on the board for him to be effective..

27) M.Bush (@ KC)
*Could squeeze a TD in against KC, but expect McFadden to get the bulk of the carries..

28) C.Taylor (@ DET)
*Very possible sleeper pick here.. Blowout = Chester Taylor getting second half carries..

29) R.Rice (@ SD)
*Running back by committe hurts any Baltimore running back.. Rice is the first pick though..

30) D.Ward (@ BUF)
*Same with Baltimore, running back by committe makes it tough to count on any TB back..

31) C.Buckhalter (vs. CLE)
*Even worse than the first two, b/c of the fact Denver's offense has a lot of question marks..

32) J.Jones (@ SF)
*Potentially good matchup, but running back by committe blows any thoughts of that up..

33) A.Bradshaw (@ DAL)
*Bradshaw will produce good fantasy numbers, just don't expect anything great this week..

34) W.McGahee (@ SD)
*Seemed like more of a 3rd down, pass receiving back in Week 1... Proceed w/ caution..

35) P.Thomas (@ PHI)
*The Saints should be able to throw the ball, but running the ball could be almost impossible..

36) L.Washington (vs. NE)
*Gotta be concerned w/ this guys size.. He's explosive, but 1 hit could end his season..

37) R.Williams (vs. IND)
*Brown should get a bulk of the carries, use Ricky if you got other injuries or are desperate..

38) W.Parker (@ CHI)
*Should be no different in Week 2 against Chicago, Pittsburg will have to throw to win..

39) K.Moreno (vs. CLE)
*Let him get some touches before we even start to speculate as to his fantasy production..

40) K.Faulk (@ NYJ)
*Lethal third down back, could get an increased role if other NE backs don't produce..

41) D.Brown (@ MIA)
*Could jump up 20 slots if IND decides to get him involved more this week.. Wait 'n see..

42) C.Benson (@ GB)
*Benson will be a question mark as long as he's playing for CIN... Expect 50 yards, that's it..

43) T.Hightower (@ JAX)
*Arizona will throw the ball early and often against most opponents.. Goaline potential though..

44) F.Taylor (@ NYJ)
*Old man showed he still had the burst to hit the holes, but he's got too many others around him..

45) J.Norwood (vs. CAR)
*Most Turner owners should have Norwood as a handcuff... But he shouldn't be used yet..

46) J.Stewart (@ ATL)
*Hard to guage how much he will produce.. All depends on how effective DWill is..

47) Felix Jones (vs. NYG)
*As with Stewart, all depends on how well Barber does against the Giants defense..

48) M.Bell (@ PHI)
*Played well in Week 1, but with P.Thomas back, expect his numbers to decrease big time..

49) J.Charles (vs. OAK)
*Could see some good opportunities spelling LJ and on third down, but don't expect much..

50) M.Moore (@ CHI)
*More looks in Week 1 than anyone would have expected... Running back by committte sucks!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Week 2 QB Rankings/Projections

1) Tom Brady (@ NYJ)
*Start w/ confidence.. 300 yards, 3 tds looks like pretty much a lock..

2) Aaron Rodgers (vs. CIN)
*Looks like a good Matchup for Rodgers.. 250 yards, 3 tds a good possibility..

3) Drew Brees (@ PHI)
*Don't expect Week #1 repeat against Philly's Defense, more like 250 yards 'n 2 tds..

4) Peyton Manning (@ MIA)
*Look for Manning to rebound in the form of 250 yards, 2 tds, 0 ints...

5) Phillip Rivers (vs. BAL)
*If Brodie Croyle can put up 200 yards, 2 tds against Baltimore, what will Rivers put up?

6) Matt Hasselbeck (@ SF)
*Look for Hasselbeck to have another good week.. 200 yards, 2 tds should be a safe bet..

7) Tony Romo (vs. NYG)
*Romo exploded in Week 1.. Expect decreased numbers, but still top 10 production..

8) Jason Campbell (vs. STL)
*Start Campbell this week if you have him... Start any QB playing against St. Louis...

9) Trent Edwards (vs. TB)
*Somewhat of a sleeper projection here.. No huddle offense = top 10 production possibility..

10) David Garrard (vs. ARI)
*Garrard gets the nod over Warner, only because of the defense factor...

11) Kurt Warner (@ JAX)
*Expect Warner to improve on his week #1 numbers, just might not be this week..

12) Joe Flacco (@ SD)
*Flacco played well... against Kansas City?? Expect him to fall back down to the real world..

13) Bret Favre (@ DET)
*This has all the makings of Favre breaking out.. But then there's the age factor... ????

14) Matt Ryan (vs. CAR)
*Tough matchup for the sophmore quarterback... Could go in either direction.. Be prepared..

15) Eli Manning (@ DAL)
*Run-heavy team.. Could be playing from behind though, which would bode well for Eli...

16) Ben Roethlisberger (@ CHI)
*Matchup becomes a bit easier w/ Urlacher out, but still don't expect huge numbers...

17) Kerry Collins (vs. HOU)
*Collins won't dominate the stat sheet, but this could be a matchup worth starting him..

18) Shaun Hill (vs. SEA)
*Questionable defense in Seattle, combined with questionable offense in SF, equals.. ????

19) Jay Cutler (vs. PIT)
*Afraid it will be another week before Cutler gets into a grove w/ Chicago's offense..

20) Kyle Orton (vs. CLE)
*Stay away from Orton unless you have no other choice, until Denver shows some direction...

21) Carson Palmer (@ GB)
*Questionable week 1 performance throws Palmer back down into bottom tier...

22) Chad Pennington (vs. IND)
*Tough environment in the dome... Pennigton manages the game, that's about it...

23) Brady Quinn (@ DEN)
*Decent matchup for Brady.. Possible sleeper play here.. Proceed with caution though..

24) Jake Delhomme (vs. ATL)
*Could jump back up into the 15 range... Gonna have to prove it first though...

25) Matt Schaub (@ TEN)
*Do you think Atlanta is glad they let Schaub go?? Probably....

26) Mark Sanchez (vs. NE)
*Rookie should get a real test this week... expect Bellichek to scheme to destroy...

27) Mark Bulger (@ WAS)
*St. Louis has to show some consistency on offense before Bulger gets a starting nod..

28) Jamarcus Russel (@ KC)
*Good matchup against the Chiefs, but not the best environment at Arrowhead..

29) Byron Leftwich (@ BUF)
*Playing the Trent Dilfer role in Tampa.. That equals = no fantasy production..

30) Matthew Stafford (vs. MIN)
*As w/ Sanchez, Stafford will get destroryed in his second game as a pro.. Bench him..

31) Donovan McNabb (vs. NO)
*Question marks with the broken rib.. Obviously jumps into top 10 if 100% healthy vs. NO..

32) Matt Cassell (vs. OAK)
*Status uncertain for week 2... Proceed with caution.. Keep him on the bench if you can..

33) Kevin Kolb (vs. NO)
*Will start if McNabb is unable to go... Expect pedestrian numbers if he plays entire game..

34) Brodie Croyle (vs. OAK)
*Brodie played well against Baltimore.. If Cassell can't go, he'll get the nod..

Week 2 Rankings/Projections

Expect Week 2 Rankings/Projections within the next 24 hours.. With matchup breakdowns for each game soon to follow... Enjoy!

Week 1 Review

The first week of the NFL season is in the books, and it offered up the usual surprises and last minute finishes we've come to expect.. Each week, we will select the game of the week, stud of the week and of course the dud of the week.. Here we go...

Game of the Week: Buffalo 24, New England 25

This game gets the nod of the Denver/Cincinnati game only because of the teams involved and the Monday Night Football aspect.. Buffalo came out early and dominated on both sides of the ball.. Tom Brady looked rusty to say the least in the first half, overthrowing receivers and looking somewhat uncomfortable in the pocket.. As the game progressed, however, Tom Brady showed the world that he can still lead his team to a last minute victory.. Give Buffalo credit, they hung in their throughout and really should have won the football game.. It's unusual for a quarterback to attempt 53 passes (Tom Brady) and their team win the game, but that was the case in this one.. Brady completed 12 passes to Randy Moss as well as 12 passes to Wes Welker.. Our sleeper projection, Joey Galloway, went without a catch.. Better luck next week...

Stud of the Week: Drew Brees (358 yards passing, 6 touchdowns, 1 interception)

Hands down, Drew Brees takes this award for Week #1... Granted he was playing the Detroit Lions, but this has to be a sign of things to come this season.. Brees lit it up last year and this was a sign that he should continue to put up huge numbers every week.. With a somewhat questionable running game, Brees could be leaned on even more this year to air it out.. Especially if they can move the ball like they did against the Lions.. Brees was finding targets at ease, and big plays were o-plenty... Start Drew Brees each with, confident he will carry you to victory..

Dud of the Week: Steve Smith - CAR/WR (21 yards receiving, 0 tds)

This has everything to do with Jake Delhomme and his melt down against Philadelphia, but if Carolina doesn't have a reliable option to get Steve Smith the ball, his numbers will continue to suffer.. Delhomme is still the starter in Carolina, but expect the leash to become tighter and tighter, especially if these types of performances continue.. Might be a good time to look to trade Steve Smith if you own him... Sell high now, and cross your fingers that Carolina doesn't turn into a pass happy offense overnight...

Monday, September 14, 2009

Waiver Wire Week 1

Here's 5 players that may be available in your league.. These are not neccessarily the 5 best performances from Sunday, rather a combination of their performance and expected production in the coming weeks..

Devery Henderson (WR-NO) - 103 yards, 1 td
*As with last year, his production will probably be again like a roller coaster ride, depending on how many yards/points New Orleans puts up.. Against weaker defensive teams, Henderson is actually a pretty good start..

Todd Heap (TE-BAL) - 74 yards, 1 td
*Once a top 3 TE, Heap has had problems with injuries the past few seasons.. For Joe Flacco to have another successful season, he may have to rely on Todd Heap quite a bit.. Still a lot of TE's that should be played before Heap, but in deeper leagues, he shouldn't be on the waiver wire much longer..

Justin Gage (WR-TEN) - 78 yards, 1 td
*Former Missouri TE seemed to be Kerry Collins favorite target against Pittsburg.. Will that continue throughout the season?? That remains to be seen, but someone in need of WR help could look to Gage for some production.. Beware of a disapeering act on any given week...

Mark Sanchez (QB-NYJ) - 272 yards, 1 td, 1 int
*Against a decent defense, in his first career NFL start, Sanchez was able to manage the game and guide his team to a victory.. There will be setbacks throughout the season, but Sanchez is a viable play against weaker defenses or for a bye week fill-in... In deeper leagues, Sanchez could be a savior for teams experiencing injuries or lack of production from the QB position..

Robert Royal (TE-CLE) - 60 yards, 1 td
*Expect Brady Quinn to utilitize the TE as he progresses as a starting quarterback.. Questionable running game could result in Quinn having to drop back and throw the ball 30 times a game.. Although redzone trips will be somewhat limited, Royal will get looks when Cleveland is inside the 20.. Quite a reach in a smaller league, but in a 16+ team league, Royal could provide suprising results..

Monday Night Game 2

San Diego @ Oakland

This has all the makings of a route.. San Diego is poised to make a playoff push this year as they managed to escape the preseason without any real injuries.. Rivers, LT, Gates, and the emerging Vincent Jackson should put on a show in the Black Hole.. Oakland has a lot of questions marks, starting with the Quarterback position.. Jamarcus Russell has showed signs of improvement in the preseason, but this opening game against the Chargers will certainly be a test for him.. If he can get some production from the running game early, Oakland could keep this game close for awhile.. If San Diego gets rolling early, look out, this could be a blow out of mass proportions.. Start all San Diego skilled positions and laugh as you compile large ammount of points.. For those who own Oakland players, as with Buffalo, limit your expectations..

Projected Outcome: San Diego 31, Oakland 7
Result: San Diego 24, Oakland 20

Must Starts: Phillip Rivers, Ladanian Tomlinson, Antonio Gates, Vincent Jackson, Nate Kaeding, SD DEF/ST
Questionable Starts: Darren McFadden, Justin Fargas, Chris Chambers, Malcolm Floyd, Zach Miller, Darren Sproles, Sebastian Janikowski
Must Sit: Jamarcus Russell, All Oakland WR's, Michael Bush, OAK DEF/ST

Sleeper Projection: Darren McFadden (15 carries, 85 yards, 1 td)
Result: 17 carries, 68 yards, 2 receptions, 25 yards, 0 tds

Monday Night Game 1

Buffalo @ New England

The Bills will have to show they can move the ball in this one or it could get ugly early.. They may be able to catch the Pat's off-guard w/ the No Huddle offense, but it's doubtful they can keep pace with the high octane Pat's offense.. If Buffalo can jump on the Pat's early and get the crowd out of the game, they could have a shot in this one.. Start Brady, Moss, Welker and expect big numbers from them.. Toss-up on who will get the carries in the NE backfield, so any RB for the Pat's is a questionable start.. Look for Fred Jackson to pop a big run or two and end up as Buffalo's only real fantasy point producer.. Buffalo's receiver (Owens/Evans) owners should limit expectations.. 50 yards and a touchdown would be a shocker for either player.. With Brady coming off a season ending injury, could be a defensive battle, but I see New England putting points on the board as the game progresses..

Projected Outcome: New England 38, Buffalo 17
Result: New England 25, Buffalo 24

Must Starts: Tom Brady, Randy Moss, Wes Welker, Fred Jackson, S.Gostkowski, Terrell Owens
Questionable Starts: Trent Edwards, Lee Evans, Ryan Lindell, Fred Taylor, Lawrence Maroney, NE DEF/ST, Benjamin Watson, Joey Galloway
Must Sit: Marshawn Lynch (suspension), Kevin Faulk, Sammie Morris, BUF TE's, BUF DEF/ST

Sleeper Projection: Joey Galloway (4 receptions, 75 yards, 1 td)
Result: 0 catches, 0 yards

First Sunday of Football

Well, the first Sunday is in the books... 2 Monday Night games still to go, but we got a good look at a majority of the teams and players yesterday.. Here's a look at Sunday's Top/Bottom 5...

Top 5 Performances
1) Drew Brees (358 yards, 6 tds)
2) Adrian Peterson (180 yards, 3 tds)
3) Tony Romo (353 yards, 3 tds)
4) Reggie Wayne (162 yards, 1 td)
5) Joe Flacco (307 yards, 3 tds)

Bottom 5 Performances (based on projections)
1) Ande Johnson (35 yards)
2) Steve Slaton (52 yards)
3) Steve Smith (21 yards)
4) Roddy White (42 yards)
5) Anquan Boldin (19 yards)