Friday, September 18, 2009

Matchup Breakdowns Part 1

More to follow as we continue to determine our staff.. We will have all Matchup Breakdowns up by Noon 2mor! We'd rather give out good information and take some extra time than force out something that isn't very useful.. Enjoy!!

Carolina @ Atlanta

Before the season began, this would have been a toss-up, but after their week 1 performance against Philadelphia we have to question Caronlina's chances of winning this football game.. Atlanta looked good in their Week 1 victory over the Dolphins and luckily get to open the season w/ two home games.. Their home crowd should give them an early advantage as long as they can avoid mistakes.. Carolina is very capable of winning this game if Atlanta gives them a few breaks early in the game.. That being said, a combination of Carolina's quarterback status and the potential for Atlanta becomming an NFC contendor have us picking Atlanta in this one.. Don't look for it to be a high scoring affair though and yards may be hard to come by if both defenses play well.. Carolina has one Must Start in this matchup and it's DeAngelo Williams.. Although Carolina's passing game needs some attention, we think Williams has the potential to break out in this matchup.. Matt Ryan, Michael Turner, and Roddy White are Must Starts for Atlanta.. Everyone else is questionable at best..

Projection: Carolina 17, Atlanta 24

Must Starts: DeAngelo Williams, Matt Ryan, Michael Turner, Roddy White
Questionable Starts: Steve Smith, Johnathan Stewart, John Kasay, Michael Jenkins, Tony Gonzalez, Jason Elam, Atlanta's DEF/ST
Must Sits: Jake Delhomme, Mushin Muhammad, Dante Rasario, Carolina's DEF/ST, Jerious Norwood

Sleeper Projection: Michael Jenkins (5 catches, 90 yards, 1 td)

Minnesota @ Detroit

It appears as though Matthew Stafford will have a rough go of things in week 2 against Minnesota's defense.. As of right now, Calvin Johnson is really the only Must Start for Detroit and in this matchup you'd almost have to consider him an iffy start as well.. This game is setup for Adrian Peterson to have a monster day, possibly breaking a record in the process.. We should see Brett Favre get a bit more comfortable in the pocket, but we don't see him having a huge day.. Passing yards could be at a bare minimum in this matchup.. Unless you're in a deep league, we'd recommend you find a starting quarterback for week 2 in a different game.. We like one Minnesota receiver to have a good day, but it's not Bernard Berrian or Sydney Rice.. Percy Harvin is our sleeper projection in this matchup.. His big play ability and Adrian Peterson's production should equal a lopsided victory for the Vikings..

Projection: Minnesota 31, Detroit 9

Must Start: Adrian Peterson, Percy Harvin, Minnesota's DEF/ST, Calvin Johnson
Questionable Start: Bernard Berrian, Brett Favre, Ryan Longwell, Kevin Smith, Jason Hanson
Must Sit: Sydney Rice, Vishante Shianco, Matthew Stafford, Detroit DEF/ST

Sleeper Projection: Percy Harvin (2 rushes, 30 yards, 1 td, 3 receptions, 80 yards, 1 td)

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  1. Hey man, why'd you stop blogging? I love these predictions and how much depth they have? Did you move to another site? Some of these projections were great for my fantasy teams. Please let me know where you moved your message board to. Also, if you need help with any writing or projections, i'd love to help out.