Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Monday Night Waiver Wire

Here's a list of the players who performed well on Monday Night that could be available in your league and maybe worth picking up... We'll try to get this out on Tuesday's each week..

1) Benjamin Watson (TE-NE)
*Watson had 77 yards receiving and 2 tds.. Hard to say if he will put up numbers similar to that
every week, but he's always been a reliable option for Tom Brady.. If you're weak at the TE
position or just feel like taking a gamble, snatch Watson up if he's available in your league..

2) Louis Murphy (WR-OAK)
*Murphy had 87 yards receiving and 1 td... Heyward-Bay is/was considered Oakland's #1 receiver, but another rookie may end up being more productive than him.. Louis Murphy..
Could be a one night wonder, but his week #2 matchup looks promising as well....

3) Fred Taylor (RB-NE)
*Taylor had 25 yards rushing and 1 td.. Appears as though he will take most the goaline and short yardage carries for the Pats.. This means touchdowns, but yardage will vary considerably from week to week.. In smaller leagues, Taylor is probably allready taken, but he may still be available in some smaller leagues.. If he's available and you've got the likes of Larry Johnson, Steven Jackson, Ladainian Tomlinson.. you might think about adding some depth to the position..

4) Michael Bush (RB-OAK)
*Bush had 55 yards rushing and 1 td.. McFadden is the "starter", but inconsistent play and/or injury could result in Bush getting a major load increase.. If that's the case, he's got the ability to gouge defenses over the course of a game.. Great handcuff option for McFadden owners.. Smaller leagues, that's probably the only reason you'd have Bush on your roster but in deeper leagues, Bush should be looked at as a bench/fill-in player..

5) Kevin Faulk (RB-NE)
*Not much on the ground, but Faulk managed 50 yards receiving, making some crucial plays on 3rd downs.. Problem is, fantasy football doesn't award players for making big catches/yards on 3rd down.. If, for some reason, the Pats end up having RB's go down to injury, Faulk could become a deadly weapon for teams in deeper leagues.. Right now, we'll say he still belongs on the waiver wire unless you're in a 20+ team league... In that case, pick him up if you need him...

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