Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Week 2 QB Rankings/Projections

1) Tom Brady (@ NYJ)
*Start w/ confidence.. 300 yards, 3 tds looks like pretty much a lock..

2) Aaron Rodgers (vs. CIN)
*Looks like a good Matchup for Rodgers.. 250 yards, 3 tds a good possibility..

3) Drew Brees (@ PHI)
*Don't expect Week #1 repeat against Philly's Defense, more like 250 yards 'n 2 tds..

4) Peyton Manning (@ MIA)
*Look for Manning to rebound in the form of 250 yards, 2 tds, 0 ints...

5) Phillip Rivers (vs. BAL)
*If Brodie Croyle can put up 200 yards, 2 tds against Baltimore, what will Rivers put up?

6) Matt Hasselbeck (@ SF)
*Look for Hasselbeck to have another good week.. 200 yards, 2 tds should be a safe bet..

7) Tony Romo (vs. NYG)
*Romo exploded in Week 1.. Expect decreased numbers, but still top 10 production..

8) Jason Campbell (vs. STL)
*Start Campbell this week if you have him... Start any QB playing against St. Louis...

9) Trent Edwards (vs. TB)
*Somewhat of a sleeper projection here.. No huddle offense = top 10 production possibility..

10) David Garrard (vs. ARI)
*Garrard gets the nod over Warner, only because of the defense factor...

11) Kurt Warner (@ JAX)
*Expect Warner to improve on his week #1 numbers, just might not be this week..

12) Joe Flacco (@ SD)
*Flacco played well... against Kansas City?? Expect him to fall back down to the real world..

13) Bret Favre (@ DET)
*This has all the makings of Favre breaking out.. But then there's the age factor... ????

14) Matt Ryan (vs. CAR)
*Tough matchup for the sophmore quarterback... Could go in either direction.. Be prepared..

15) Eli Manning (@ DAL)
*Run-heavy team.. Could be playing from behind though, which would bode well for Eli...

16) Ben Roethlisberger (@ CHI)
*Matchup becomes a bit easier w/ Urlacher out, but still don't expect huge numbers...

17) Kerry Collins (vs. HOU)
*Collins won't dominate the stat sheet, but this could be a matchup worth starting him..

18) Shaun Hill (vs. SEA)
*Questionable defense in Seattle, combined with questionable offense in SF, equals.. ????

19) Jay Cutler (vs. PIT)
*Afraid it will be another week before Cutler gets into a grove w/ Chicago's offense..

20) Kyle Orton (vs. CLE)
*Stay away from Orton unless you have no other choice, until Denver shows some direction...

21) Carson Palmer (@ GB)
*Questionable week 1 performance throws Palmer back down into bottom tier...

22) Chad Pennington (vs. IND)
*Tough environment in the dome... Pennigton manages the game, that's about it...

23) Brady Quinn (@ DEN)
*Decent matchup for Brady.. Possible sleeper play here.. Proceed with caution though..

24) Jake Delhomme (vs. ATL)
*Could jump back up into the 15 range... Gonna have to prove it first though...

25) Matt Schaub (@ TEN)
*Do you think Atlanta is glad they let Schaub go?? Probably....

26) Mark Sanchez (vs. NE)
*Rookie should get a real test this week... expect Bellichek to scheme to destroy...

27) Mark Bulger (@ WAS)
*St. Louis has to show some consistency on offense before Bulger gets a starting nod..

28) Jamarcus Russel (@ KC)
*Good matchup against the Chiefs, but not the best environment at Arrowhead..

29) Byron Leftwich (@ BUF)
*Playing the Trent Dilfer role in Tampa.. That equals = no fantasy production..

30) Matthew Stafford (vs. MIN)
*As w/ Sanchez, Stafford will get destroryed in his second game as a pro.. Bench him..

31) Donovan McNabb (vs. NO)
*Question marks with the broken rib.. Obviously jumps into top 10 if 100% healthy vs. NO..

32) Matt Cassell (vs. OAK)
*Status uncertain for week 2... Proceed with caution.. Keep him on the bench if you can..

33) Kevin Kolb (vs. NO)
*Will start if McNabb is unable to go... Expect pedestrian numbers if he plays entire game..

34) Brodie Croyle (vs. OAK)
*Brodie played well against Baltimore.. If Cassell can't go, he'll get the nod..

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