Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Week 2 RB Rankings/Projections

1) A.Peterson (@ DET)
*Potential #1 fantasy stud for the week.. Obvious start, All Day should run all over the Lions..

2) Chris Johnson (vs. HOU)
*Expect Tennesse to get their ground gaming go early against Houston.. Good for CJ...

3) M.Jones-Drew (vs. ARI)
*Dynamic back that can produce even when he's not getting a lot of carries.. Suspect defense..

4) C.Portis (vs. STL)
*Portis had a nice game in Week 1... Question is can he keep it up.. Against STL, we think so..

5) D.Williams (@ ATL)
*Carolina should somewhat rebound from their week 1 performance, and DWill will carry them..

6) B.Westbrook (vs. NO)
*His numbers actually should go up with McNabb out.. Safety blanket for a backup QB..

7) F.Gore (vs. SEA)
*Lets hope that Gore shows up this week, or his fantasy status will begin to fall...

8) M.Turner (vs. CAR)
*Tough matchup for Turner, but Matt Ryan should be able to take off enough pressure..

9) B.Jacobs (@ DAL)
*Tough environment, but Dallas showed a lot of weaknesses in their defense last week...

10) R.Brown (vs. IND)
*Miami could fall behind early, but if so, Brown still will be utilized in the passing game..

11) F.Jackson (vs. TB)
*Dallas ran up and down the field against Tampa.. No Huddle in Buffalo should bode well for FJax..

12) T.Jones (vs. NE)
*Great first week of the season for Jones.. Tougher opponent this week, lower expectations..

13) D.McFadden (@ KC)
*Jumps up into top 15 w/ great performance and San Diego and upcoming matchup w/ KC..

14) R.Grant (vs. CIN)
*Passing game shold open up a few opportunities for Grant.. Be happy w/ 80 yds, 1 td..

15) M.Barber (vs. NYG)
*Expect a slugfest in this one.. Barber should get more touches than last week...

16) J.Addai (@ MIA)
*Still question marks as to who is going to get the carries for the Colts.. Go w/ Addai for now..

17) S.Jackson (@ WAS)
*As with Bulger, St. Louis is going to have to show they can actually move the ball...

18) L.Johnson (vs. OAK)
*If you have LJ, you almost have to play him... He's known to torch OAK @ Arrowhead...

19) M.Forte (vs. PIT)
*Forte will have a hard time getting things going against Pittsburg.. Limit expectations here..

20) J.Lewis (@ DEN)
*Who knows what these two teams will bring to the table in Week #2... We shall see..

21) S.Slaton (@ TEN)
*Very tough matchup on the road... Look to your bench this week if you can...

22) C.Williams (@ BUF)
*Great Week 1 performance from the Cadillac, but his durability has to be a huge concern..

23) D.Sproles (vs. BAL)
*Expect Sproles to get a majority of carries if LT still has ankle issues.. but it's against BAL???

24) L.Tomlinson (vs. BAL)
*If LT plays, it will probably be split carries with Sproles.. Stay away from these two backs..

25) K.Smith (vs. MIN)
*Very stout run defense and Smith has a rookie at quarterback.. Recipe for disaster..

26) L.White (vs. HOU)
*Possible TD machine, but Tennesse has to put the points on the board for him to be effective..

27) M.Bush (@ KC)
*Could squeeze a TD in against KC, but expect McFadden to get the bulk of the carries..

28) C.Taylor (@ DET)
*Very possible sleeper pick here.. Blowout = Chester Taylor getting second half carries..

29) R.Rice (@ SD)
*Running back by committe hurts any Baltimore running back.. Rice is the first pick though..

30) D.Ward (@ BUF)
*Same with Baltimore, running back by committe makes it tough to count on any TB back..

31) C.Buckhalter (vs. CLE)
*Even worse than the first two, b/c of the fact Denver's offense has a lot of question marks..

32) J.Jones (@ SF)
*Potentially good matchup, but running back by committe blows any thoughts of that up..

33) A.Bradshaw (@ DAL)
*Bradshaw will produce good fantasy numbers, just don't expect anything great this week..

34) W.McGahee (@ SD)
*Seemed like more of a 3rd down, pass receiving back in Week 1... Proceed w/ caution..

35) P.Thomas (@ PHI)
*The Saints should be able to throw the ball, but running the ball could be almost impossible..

36) L.Washington (vs. NE)
*Gotta be concerned w/ this guys size.. He's explosive, but 1 hit could end his season..

37) R.Williams (vs. IND)
*Brown should get a bulk of the carries, use Ricky if you got other injuries or are desperate..

38) W.Parker (@ CHI)
*Should be no different in Week 2 against Chicago, Pittsburg will have to throw to win..

39) K.Moreno (vs. CLE)
*Let him get some touches before we even start to speculate as to his fantasy production..

40) K.Faulk (@ NYJ)
*Lethal third down back, could get an increased role if other NE backs don't produce..

41) D.Brown (@ MIA)
*Could jump up 20 slots if IND decides to get him involved more this week.. Wait 'n see..

42) C.Benson (@ GB)
*Benson will be a question mark as long as he's playing for CIN... Expect 50 yards, that's it..

43) T.Hightower (@ JAX)
*Arizona will throw the ball early and often against most opponents.. Goaline potential though..

44) F.Taylor (@ NYJ)
*Old man showed he still had the burst to hit the holes, but he's got too many others around him..

45) J.Norwood (vs. CAR)
*Most Turner owners should have Norwood as a handcuff... But he shouldn't be used yet..

46) J.Stewart (@ ATL)
*Hard to guage how much he will produce.. All depends on how effective DWill is..

47) Felix Jones (vs. NYG)
*As with Stewart, all depends on how well Barber does against the Giants defense..

48) M.Bell (@ PHI)
*Played well in Week 1, but with P.Thomas back, expect his numbers to decrease big time..

49) J.Charles (vs. OAK)
*Could see some good opportunities spelling LJ and on third down, but don't expect much..

50) M.Moore (@ CHI)
*More looks in Week 1 than anyone would have expected... Running back by committte sucks!

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